Let’s hope…

One way I can possibly get out of the present financial situation. The hope is Almighty will guide me well. I will surely need to persevere as well.

This morning, I read a blog  by Uche Unogu from http://evangelistuche.com/.One of his post is my inspiration behind this post. Keep in mind, I am in my early thirties presently. In his post, Uche briefly described his family and his financial condition. There can be certain similarities between his story and mine. In my opinion, certainly, the end is somewhat different in my case. Let me explain. I came to Canada in this decade. I finished my education some years ago. I studied Economics, as you may know already. I received some sort of funds over the prior years. I did utilize portion of the funds sometimes. But, for the most part(at least on three occasions), I did not save enough for future needs, when I had the opportunity: A lesson learned.

My financial condition is on the downside, for another time. I have loans, bills to pay and a low bank balance. I am unable to  find a job and my monthly third party allowance has been stopped. Out of desperation, like Uche , I too can say “What is God doing now?”. Elder ones can say to me, “Despair not!. Almighty surely must have thought something good for you”. My belief is there. I just need to persevere well in what I am doing and keep waiting for something to happen. I need to look for a proper job, which has similar requirement as my two previous jobs.

Do you see the difference between Uche and me? Please suggest what else I need to look at.